N. Beardless Tyrranulet, a small bird with a long name

This little bird has been a nemesis bird for me-- that is, a bird that has eluded me despite multiple efforts to see it. And it has been being seen by many other birders in the places I looked unsuccessfully for it. Now I did get glimpses of it a few times, but not the kind of viewing that I want for a lifer bird. So I was delighted when I saw the adult bird coming to it's nest at Estero Llano Grande State Park. That sighting only whetted my appetite to find one of these and get a little video as well as better pics than I got at that nest area.

So I was delighted when I heard this tyrannulet singing day before yesterday at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park. I got the bottom 4 pics from that sighting but no video.

So I returned today and quickly heard this male bird singing. I got the top 2 pics today and the very short video clip at the bottom.
I really enjoyed watching it grooming which is what it was doing when I got the pic above of it with it's tail stuck up in the air.
This tyrranulet seems to have lighter plumage than the photos of most others on the internet though I did see a few photos that were lighter like this.  And I never saw it raise its crown as is noted to have a slight crest. 
Note the video clip below is very short and a little wobbly (it is not easy to hold a camera with long lens unsupported at a high angle and with the enlargement all tiny movements show up). SeEtta Northern BeardlessTyrannulet, singing from SeEtta Moss on Vimeo.


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