N. Beardless Tyrranulet adult and nestling

The bird inside this hanging nest is a nestling Northern Beardless Tyrannulet, a bird so small with such a long name.  Note: all the pics of the nestling were taken from behind the tape barrier at Estero Llano Grande State Park that protects the nestl

It was hot and windy so this nestling was perched near the entrance to the nest where it likely was less hot than further inside.
This species is found in the U.S. in only two small areas--in far south Texas and along the border with Mexico in SE Arizona and a bit of very SW New Mexico.
The photo below shows the parent bird when it came in to feed the nestling(s). It has some food in its' bill but the pic isn't good enough to tell what it is.
And this is the parent bird with it's head inside the nest as it fed the nestling(s).  SeEtta


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