Least Bittern grabbing a bite: pic and video clip

While birding on the boardwalk at the Convention Center on South Padre Island last evening I ran into Javi Gonzales. I had asked about nesting birds when he spotted this Least Bittern near by. I was delighted to watch this little bittern less than 20 feet away for more than 10 minutes as it hunted successfully several times. There were a lot of reeds between me and this bird so it did not show any attention to me, but it also made it very difficult to get still pics as the wind was blowing so reeds kept blurring my pics but I did get this one. The nice thing about video is that such things are not as much of a problem so this video of the Least Bittern came out nicely. See the video best in full screen mode by clicking on the little arrows on bottom right of the video frame. SeEtta


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