Pretty Prairie Falcon

Let me note from the git-go that I am pleased to report I took these photos without flushing this falcon from it's perch in a walnut tree about 75 feet above me--I stayed in my car and did my best to avoid disturbing this bird as I try to do with all raptors I photograph. I took a couple of the pics through the sunroof of my toyota rav4. To me it is important to disturb birds the least amount possible and especially birds like raptors that choose perches for good reasons--they can see possible prey and predators. I did use long lens lengths and also cropped each at least a little to get closer photo.
I thought this super close up of it's talons was worth some extra cropping.
Most of the time the falcon did not look at me but when I used my Canon 60d dslr it heard the clicks and looked down-but did not fly. I moved on and saw the bird in the same tree when I got several hundred yards down the road. SeEtta


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