A pair of Greater Roadrunners

I found this pair of Greater Roadrunners south of Canon City day before yesterday when the temps were quite cold (about 20 degrees F). The first two pics show the one roadrunner sunning itself with it's feathers fluffed and it's back to the sun to absorb the solar warmth.
The roadrunner above it the second bird in this pair. According to Birds of North America (BNA) online resident pairs of roadrunners, "Well-established pairs stay on their territory year-round." BNA further notes that roadrunners are found either singly or in breeding pairs.
Both roadrunners that had been foraging in some proximity to each other came together briefly as shown in the bottom pic. (sorry I could not crop the pics further to get them close up but the birds were about 150 -200 feet away)
Below is a brief video clip of the first roadrunner as it moved across the snowy terrain. (I don't know for sure what that sound is as it was very quiet away from town and it may have been my camera which was having problems with the cold) SeEtta

Greater Roadrunner in Colorado in January from SeEtta Moss on Vimeo.


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