Cordilleran Flycatchers feeding babies on nest in Pueblo Mtn Park

Yesterday I drove up to Pueblo Mtn Park where I found this pair of Cordilleran Flycatchers attending a nest in a picnic shelter. Soon I could see they were bringing food to what must be small babies as I could never see even a beak sticking up from the nest.
Each parent took turns bringing insects to the nest. In between they occasionally interacted including flying close to each other and vocalizing.

I felt bad when I drove away to look for other birds then drove back by to find a bunch of people had taken over the shelter and making it very difficult for these very conscientious parents to feed their offspring as frequently as they had been doing.
As can be seen in the pic below the nest was located below the roof and in between the log rafters, a protected location (except from humans). They are often found in association with riparian areas and this picnic shelter was only about 10 feet from a small stream.
In many of these pics you can see the distinctively bold eyering that expands at the back to make a tear-shape along with the light wing bars. The long and wide bill including bright yellow bottom mandible are visible in several photos.

I took all these photos with the same digital camera (sony hx-300) with same settings--the changes in natural lighting caused the difference in the color of the plumage of these birds. SeEtta


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