Acorn Woodpeckers still going in and out of apparent nest hole

My trip to Pueblo Mtn Park over the week-end was intended to be focused on the Acorn Woodpeckers there and whether they were nesting. However it was very difficult to look for them as there was a large wedding celebration going on nearby with a lot of people drinking and being loud not far from the apparent nest tree. So I birded other parts of the park and even the town of Beulah hoping the wedding would be over in later afternoon--not so much as still a number were there close to dusk with loud music and continued drinking with about a hundred 100-200 feet of the nest tree. I did observe and photograph what appeared to be a pair of Acorn Woodpeckers between 6:30 and 7 pm as they went in and out of an apparent nest hole, behavior usually associated with having nestlings. They would fly off after leaving the nest hole then return a short time later as though they were obtaining food, but I did not see any as they would quickly go into the nest hole. Sure seemed like they are feeding nestlings. SeEtta


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