Loggerhead Shrike: video of one singing

I was driving away from Anzulduas County Park in Hidalgo County,TX when I heard some vocalizations with which I wasn't familiar. When I turned around and went back I was very surprised to see it was a Loggerhead Shrike that was singing- making mostly calls that sounded like chirping (but could be called trilling) but also a few high clear notes. This is the first time I have heard a Loggerhead Shrike sing and from some research it appears it isn't heard often. From the information on Birds of North America online this singing appears consistent with the male's 'spring song' associated with breeding rather than the 'territory song' that is given by both males and females which they describe as follows: "...contains fewer high, clear notes and more notes rough in quality which resemble harsh screeches or begging notes." Given how far south this is it may not be unusual to have breeding behavior in mid-January. SeEtta


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