Birds Edinburg Scenic Wetlands

I birded Edinburg Scenic Wetlands again today and again saw a Tropical Parula but didn't get a photo as I did on 12-31-13. There was two Canvasback ducks, a species found usually in one's and two's and usually only a few locations around the Lower Rio Grande Valley

A birder from Houston and I were talking when she spotted this Gray Catbird on about 75 feet away on the other side of the lagoon from where we were sitting. Due to our distance from it we could watch it as it went about foraging out in the open near the water. The only ebird sighting for it at this location was Jan 7 but with it could go long periods without being seen in the vegetation at this area.
In addition to the commonly found Orange-crowned Warblers I saw a Black-and-White (above), Nashville, and multiple Yellow-rumped Warblers.

I spotted the Long-billed Curlew (below) all by itself on the ballfield turf in the city park area in which Edinburg Scenic Wetlands are located. 

There were a number of American White Pelicans, a fairly common species there. I thought the lime green water of the lagoon made it look rather pretty.
These Black-necked Stilts were part of a flock of about 12 that also were in the city park.  I just like their bubblegum pink legs.
Among the more common waterfowl were several Blue-winged Teal.   SeEtta


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