Tropical Parula at Edinburg Scenic Wetlands/WBC-TX

This little rarish warbler was found a few days ago at Edinburg Scenic Wetlands/World Birding Center. I looked for it briefly after a lecture at that facility but was tired from my trip so chose to go take a nap. Though it continued to rain in this area all morning it slowed around noon and I tried again.

It took a bit as I had to keep going inside to warm up as it continued sprinkling with unusually cold temps of low 40's and a frequent wind. It was working trees in a mixed flock with 2 Ruby-crowned Kinglets, a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, an Orange-crowned Warbler, and a Nashville Warbler.

Timing is everything, as I took photos of the parula it started to rain not just sprinkle and got these pics before I got my camera (and me) too wet. SeEtta


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