Lecture by Bill Clark on Raptors of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Busy start to my trip to the lower Rio Grande Valley--arrived Thursday, participated in Weslaco CBC Friday and then found out there was a lecture by Bill Clark on Saturday morning at Edinburg World Birding Center to drove up there. And it was well worth it, excellent presentation with neat photos of various rpators found in the Rio Grande Valley. The top photo shows photos of the Hooked Bill Kite that I have yet to see. The bottom photo shows some of the hawks with Avian Keratin Disorder that results in unusually long bills on hawks. Fortunately at least some of these hawks with very long bills have learned how to accomodate and have been surviving. And those with especially long bills sometimes have the end of the bill break off which effectively gets it out of their way (though at least in one hawk, it would grown back the next year and then break off again). SeEtta


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