Magnificent Magnolia Warbler today

I found this male Magnolia Warbler at mid-day at a local hotspot called Van's Grove in Bent County, CO. Thanks to having to drive through Pueblo plus 4 small towns along mostly 2 lane H50 it takes over 2 1/2 hours to drive to this location (plus I had to make several stops in Pueblo) so I didn't even get there until almost 1 pm. I spotted a second and different warbler but had not been able to see it for id when a local birder, Duane, drove in. I was trying to find a photo of the other warbler but Duane told me that another birder, Eric had been there early this morning and called him to let him know he had seen a Magnolia and a Blackpoll Warbler there (I got good looks at it later and photos that I will upload after the Magnolia photos).

Duane said he only had a few minutes as he was going to work. After several minutes of looking I refound the Magnolia and got Duane on it. This bird was very cooperative as we watched it for several minutes. Later as I was trying to find the Blackpoll Warbler this Magnolia just was right in the way providing these great photos.

Magnolia Warblers are rare in Colorado with usually only a handful of sightings each year. SeEtta


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