Magnolia Warbler in Lamar Woods (Lamar,CO)

I got to do some birding in the migration hotspot called Lamar Woods in Lamar, CO this past week in between setting up for our Audubon Colorado board meeting in Lamar (a first) and an Audubon work project to help the Lesser Prairie-Chickens south of there. This is a fall Magnolia Warbler which is somewhat rare in Colorado. Identifying field marks are gray head with bold white eye ring, streaking (though muted in fall) on flanks, two white wing bars, yellow throat and underparts, white undertail coverts (glimpsed in lower pic)and greenish back.

This is an immature bird as indicated by the lack of black streaking on chest as noted in AllAboutBirds webpage (seen in field, not visible in photos). SeEtta


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