Wildfire-Duckett Fire: different views

I took the top pic from a short ways west of Texas Creek (this turns out to be just the north section of the fire)and the Duckett Fire sure gives an impressive show as it rises in a tall and dark column into the sky.
I took the middle pic from about 5 miles away, and at a higher elevation than the fires, providing some perspective on the overall breadth of the fire--I was really surprised to see just how much more extensive the fire was than what I had seen near Texas Creek and other locations before getting above it.  Even as large as it looks in this view, the south section (shown below) is to the left of the photo so not pictured here.
And I focused in on the south section of the fire, the furthest distance from me. The fire had blown up and produced this very large plume-wow.  SeEtta


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