Black-throated Sparrows: more pics

This morning I was able to watch 3 Black-throated Sparrows as they either foraged (only one agonistic interaction), or possibly looked for nesting material inside/under deciduous shrubs but I believe there may be more birds in this area. I heard at least one singing again this morning but only a few times so the birds may already have nested. I watched the one in the bottom 2 pics as it loafed for more than 5 minutes in the shade and it might have continued except that it was hot so I started walking back to my car which appeared to prompt it to start moving again. SeEtta
As noted in the pics, these birds were located in Williamsburg which is a very small town a few miles south of Canon City. Though these birds are located within the town limits that is only a technicality as the area is actually quite rural with only one house within a mile of this location. SeEtta


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