Warbler migrating machine still kicking out birds near Lamar

Winds were terrible, strong and very gusty but there were still migrating warblers at Temple Grove @ Ft Lyon Canal north of Lamar. Fortunately this great grove of trees and shrubs, less than 200 feet wide at most, provided shelter from the winds so that warblers and other birds could forage, albeit closer to or on the ground. The Northern Waterthrush in the top pic was walking on the canal road foraging for bugs blown out of the canopy as the water level in the canal itself was so high the bank sides were too steep.
Since McGillivray's Wablers spend a lot of time close to the ground, the bird in the bottom pic was less impacted by the winds. I also refound the Hooded Warbler that I posted about 2 days ago, and he sang off and on but much less than the other day. Also he spent his time on and near the ground where foraging was less risky than in the blowing branches of trees. It was overcast and dark so pic quality suffered. SeEtta


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