Photo of Magnolia Warbler I found at a hotspot north of Lamar,CO

After I found this lovely male Magnolia Warbler yesterday at Temple Grove, along the Ft Lyon Canal, I spent about 45 minutes trying to get a reasonable pic of the bird. He was about 45 feet away on the other side of this wide canal, under the wonderful deciduous tree canopy that makes this a special place, and flitting around between the branches of some conifers planted there as he foraged very actively--so getting a reasonable pic was quite challenging. Then he apparently decided that the bugs on my side of the canal were better so he flew into a small tree directly above me! Fortunately I was able to get this one very good shot as--ironically--he was too close most of the time for my super zoom camera lens to focus. This pic came out so good I did not have to crop or do any editing-just added the text. SeEtta


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