Snowy Egret with plumes blowing in the wind

A few Snowy Egrets stop-over in the Canon City, Colo area during spring migration and only a few as wetlands and other bodies of water are in short supply in this area. A favorite stop-over spot is the agricultural fields just east of Florence where they still practice flood irrigation. When these agricultural fields are flooded with irrigation water they become like wet meadows and are ideal for waterbirds and waterfowl alike.
This is one of several Snowy Egrets I have seen foraging in the Florence area over the past week. Since the wind is almost always blowing these days, it was easy to get photos of the Snowy Egrets plumes blowing in the incessant winds though the egret had just shook and fluffed its feathers that accentuated the effect in the bottom pic.  Both pics can be viewed by double-clicking on each pic to enlarge it. SeEtta


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