Migrating Wilson's Snipe-a pictoral study

Though I usually find Wilson's Snipe in the Canon City, CO area in most winters, I couldn't find any this past winter which though mostly warmer than usual had a significant cold spell with consecutive well below zero temps (more than 15 below). I suspect that the snipe in these pics migrated into the area this week.
I found 3 Wilson's Snipe foraging together in the flooded fields in Florence a few days ago. They were sharing this area with migrating Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs and Snowy Egrets that I posted about below.
The snipe in the middle two pics raised their tails after disturbed by a flock of Starlings and appears to be a defensive or agonistic behavior. In the bottom pic the snipe has it's wings raised up out of the way that shows well the extensive barring on it's flanks. Do double-click on each pic to enlarge them for close-up views. SeEtta


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