NORTHERN WHEATEAR-another rarity

POST NOTE: I took these pics by putting my camera up to my spotting scope which provides super enlargement. The bird had flown into a wood pile about 50 feet from me as I was talking to the property owners brother so the bird was from about 50-75 feet in these digiscoped pics. I have cropped the pics to enlarge them. I got to see another big rarity that was located north of Corpus Chrisi,Tx. This was another easy decision as it was less than a 20 mile detour off the highway I was taking north to San Antonio, on the first leg of my trip home.
I have seen postings that this is a second Texas state record for this bird. According to the Patuxant Wildlife Research Center, "North American range restricted to parts of Alaska and Yukon-casual stray to rest of United States and Canada." SeEtta


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