Thursday, June 8, 2017

My bird photo displayed in the Witte Museum in San Antonio and pics of other parts of the exhibit

I am so very thrilled to post about that my photo just above is displayed in the Texas Wild Exhibit which is a permanent exhibit in the Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX. This is the only photo I have ever sold and the only time I have asked to submit some photos for consideration for display in a museum. I visited the Witte Museum for the first time this week and took these cell phone photos of my photo above and in the Rio Grande Valley display below as well as a number of other displays in the Texas Wild Exhibit.  I was delighted to get to meet Helen Holdsworth, the Curator of Texas Wild, who follows this blog.

Above is a taxidermied ocelot, an Endangered species found in the Rio Grande Valley in small numbers.
Above is a Harris' Hawk, coyote and Northern Bobwhite.

The pic above was taken from the second floor of the museum which has a large opening to the floor below.
Starting above with the Crested Caracara and pics in section below are from South Texas Thornbrush.

The pic above shows how they blend the reality into their displays with a den in the side of this display holding a snake.

The pic above is from a Gulf of Mexico display

The pic above is from the canyon country of Texas.