Can you see all 3 owls in this tree?

This enlarged pic just above is not as sharp as below but it better shows the 3 Eastern Screech-Owls in this tree. This is in Estero Llano Grande State Park and this is same tree that I took the photo of the baby owl inside the nest hole about 2 weeks ago.  These owls can be hard to find so look at  pic below to see the location of each of the 3 owls.

This is one productive tree--in addition to all the nesting owls there is also an Golden-fronted Woodpecker nest in it. Wish I could have gotten sharper pics as these were hand held from about 40 feet away in poor light.  I went back twice including yesterday and carried my tripod so I could get better shots but I think the owls have fledged.

The pic above shows another photo of this tree showing an Eastern Screech-Owl on the left side of the tree and another on the right side of the tree.
The pic above shows one of the owls sunning itself alone as does the pic below. SeEtta


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