A Painted Bunting, I believe a subadult male

I spotted this Painting Bunting at Hugh Ramsey Nature Park this afternoon but was only able to get these pics that were from 70 or so feet away (used 300 mm lens which has equivalent to 450 mm as my camera is not full frame, then cropped the pics severely). These green buntings are either females or subadult males. As I see some blue on its wing and maybe on it's back I expect this is a subadult male but am hoping that I may get some feedback from those who have more experience with this species who can clarify this (and that is why I am putting the bottom pic here as it is not very good. Also saw a Black-throated Green and 1-2 Chestnut-sided Warblers and a couple of empidonax flycatchers. SeEtta


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