Chuck-Will's-Widow perched--a lifer for me!

I spotted this neat bird, a member of the goatsucker family, perched in a tree at the Old Hildago Pumphouse grounds a few days ago. This species is definitely not found in Colorado and I have never had an opportunity to even hear one calling let alone see one during my birding trips to more eastern locations. So this was a real neat experience for me--yes, especially because I found the bird (not just photographed a bird in an area where it had been seen by others as many birds have been). There was an irony to this sighting--I saw it the day before I got this good photo and took several photos but I had forgotten to put a memory card in my camera so I didn't have any photos of it. As it had flushed I was bummed but kept looking and I refound it and got a couple of photos though this one the next day is so much better, I am pretty proud of it. And be aware that the gleam visible in the eye of this bird is from natural light as I did not use flash (I avoid flash if at all possible and much prefer natural lit photos) SeEtta


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