Red Canyon Park: Gray Flycatcher carrying food and more

I drove up to Red Canyon Park this evening as I have not been up there for a month or so. I spotted several Gray Flycatchers, the specialty bird species here, but they were very shy. This one with what looks like a dragonfly in it's bill would not deliver this food to it's offspring with me around. I walked 50 feet away but it did not budge so I left. I suspect the others still have babies in the nest or fledglings they are taking care of.
There were several Lazuli Buntings singing near the park entrance and more by Four Mile Creek near the park entrance. Also Blue Grosbeak singing in that area. Plus I found a likely pair of Evening Grosbeak (two adults perched together in breeding season) in the park. Not bad for early evening in July. Arggh, but the nasty gnats were out in force, had to stuff pieces of a paper napkin in my ears to keep them out of that sensitive location. SeEtta


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