Olive-sided Flycather video clip with it calling and singing

This is one of more than a dozen Olive-sided Flycatchers I have seen in the Canon City area over the past 3 days while rainy and overcast weather conditions brought this and other neotropical migrants down and effectively grounded them here. This was way more than I have ever seen during migration in the past (usually no more than a couple of them).

The top pic shows well the large head and 'vested' appearance that is a significant field mark for this species while the second pic shows the short tail but does not show the white tufts on the sides of it's rump that I saw in the field. I think that third pic best shows the large bill found on this species.
While I heard the 'quick 3 beers/free beer' song from several of these flycatchers this one sang it's 'free beer' song and gave it's 'pip,pip,pip' call frequently that I picked up in this short video clip. Interestingly 'Birds of North America' online indicates they sing when they get to their breeding territory and that their song is 'occasionally heard during non-breeding season'. They do not breed in my part of Colorado (Fremont County) they are just on the other side of the continental divide from their coniferous breeding habitat in Western Colorado.
The bottom video clip does not have any singing or calling but great close up views of this bird as it checks out it's surroundings in search of food. SeEtta Olive-sidedFlycatcher-a2-PathfinderPark from SeEtta Moss on Vimeo.
Olive-sidedFlycatcher from SeEtta Moss on Vimeo.


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