Yellow-bellied and Red-naped Sapsuckers in town now

I have not refound the adult Yellow-bellied Sapsucker I posted about earlier this month and only 1 of the 6 Williamson's Sapsuckers earlier this week but yesterday I found an immature Yellow-bellied and an adult male Red-naped Sapsucker in Canon City.

I suspect that the severe Arctic storm that dropped temps here to below freezing for 3 days has impacted the sapsuckers as the bark and possibly inner portions of the trees on which they feed have likely frozen. Though it has warmed here it is still a challenge for them as I have seen the Williamson's feeding on a deciduous tree and low to the ground where the sun was on that part of the and the Yellow-bellied feeding very low on a pine in a portion where they sun was hitting it.
Though some Red-naped Sapsuckers show little or no red on their napes, this one did. It also showed an incomplete black frame on it's face. SeEtta


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