Golden Eagle family still together

Yesterday I spotted 4 large raptors above a canyon in which I was driving. By the time I found a safe place to pull over I missed identifying one of the raptors though I believe it was also a Golden Eagle like the others I observed. In the top photo an adult Golden Eagle flies with it's legs in the down position as it is holding some prey (click on that image to enlarge it for better viewing)
The next 3 pics are also of an adult Golden Eagle. Two of the Golden Eagles I was able to id and age were adults.
At least one of the raptors was the juvenile Golden Eagle in the pic below.
Two of the Golden Eagles, an adult and a juvenile, perched near each other on an escarpment for a period of time--this would indicate that the juvenile was the offspring of a pair of Golden Eagles.
Birds of North America online indicates that young Golden Eagles can stay with their parents from 1-6 months. SeEtta


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