Empid spp and other finds at Oliver Lee State Park, NM

I birded Oliver Lee State Park just south of Alamogordo, NM yesterday and found it to be a jewel both in nice birds and great scenery. I found this empidonax flycatcher species that seems to be a little late in it's migration through here. I also saw a Townsend's Warbler and an unidentified warbler--not bad for this late in October in this small park.
In addition to other expected species such as Black-troated Sparrows there were about 4 Rock Wrens near the Visitor Center who were quite inquisitive when I made squeaky noises with my mouth. I have found other Rock Wrens to be less skittish than many birds but this one came within a few feet of me and kept circling me even though my dog Chase was there with me.
After about 10 minutes the first Rock Wren was joined by several others that also came quite close. SeEtta


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