Monarch Butterfly migration still happening-this time in Red Canyon Park

When the Monarch Butterflies had decreased from 10 to 2 at Brush Hollow SWA a few days ago I thought that M3 onarch Butterfly migration was over for south central Colorado. But I was wrong-I found 3 Monarch Butterflies in a large patch of Rabbitbrush at Red Canyon Park less than 10 miles north of Canon City. 3 may not seem like many but this has got to be about the most westerly area that Monarch from the central flyway likely can be found. I have been birding at this park several times over the past week and have checked this Rabbitbrush patch each time for butterflies and this is the first time I have seen Monarch Butterflies there. Red Canyon Park is right up against the foothills, actually the beginning of the foothills that precede the Rocky Mountains in this area of Colorado. (there is a western flyway for Monarch's that is not currently believed to cross to the east side of the Rocky Mountains though research is just beginning).

This big patch of Rabbitbrush was very busy serving nectar to many Painted Lady Butterflies, a lot of bees and a few other species of butterflies. They were sipping nectar as fast as they could as a big storm system was coming in with rain and very strong winds-hope the Monarchs found good shelter. SeEtta


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