Western Screech-Owl family

Last night I found a family of Western Screech-Owls but it was already dark and all I got were a couple of cellphone pics (pretty good for cellphone camera pics in the dark). Tonight I returned earlier so I could get a few photos at dusk when they came out and with my Sony hx-300 digital camera so photos better.
The first photo is of an adult bird while the second and third are of a young bird that from it's flying ability was fairly recently fledged. I have seen a total of 3 of these cute little owls-one an adult, one a fledgling and haven't seen the third well enough to guess age. This would be a small family group with adult being a parent showing young how to hunt,etc. I have seen them hunting moths, a common target for these little guys.
The last photo shows 2 of these little 8 inch owls, one mostly hidden behind this big downed tree trunk. (note: it is my personal policy to not reveal locations of owls). SeEtta


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