Hybrid Glossy X White-faced Ibis

Though the facial skin on this ibis is blue as found on Glossy Ibis, I noticed while looking at it in my spotting scope that the bare skin went around the back of the eye-a characteristic of White-faced Ibis.
Also, depending on the light and the angle of the bird to me, I could see that the eye was reddish and not the dark brown found on Glossy Ibis.
Upon further examination of my photos I could see a plum coloration to the bare skin located between the lines forming the border of the facial skin, a characteristic of a hybrid plegadis as identified by Arterburn and Grzybowski in 'Hybridization Between Glossy and White-faced Ibis'.
I also saw two ibis that looked like pure Glossy Ibis but could not get photos of reasonable quality as they were both feeding actively so moving in and out of the large flock. SeEtta


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