Migrating flock of more than 200 White-throated Swifts stop over to forage

This morning I stopped to check out the Blue Heron Ponds just east of Florence to see if any migrating birds were there. Soon I spotted a number of White-throated Swifts flying above the ponds, then more, then more---until well over 200 swifts came swooshing above as they consumed insects on the fly. The top photo has been severely cropped to provide a closer-up view of a few of the swifts.

I have previously observed White-throated Swifts stopping over in this area but never this large a number. There is a series of ponds in this location that are adjacent to the Arkansas River and the flock would feed for awhile over one of the ponds then rapidly move to another pond.

I watched this very large flock for more than 20 minutes as they foraged back and forth from one pond to the next. It was interesting to hear what I think was the sound of the wings when there were a large number overhead. I have some video that I will process and upload to my blog tomorrow. SeEtta


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