Evening Grosbeak, Black Phoebes and Franklin's Gulls in Canon City

Thursday I found first this single Evening Grosbeak in Canon City-it was across the river from the Canon City Riverwalk so a long shot as about 300 feet away. As I walked along the bluff trail I found a flock of about 25 Evening Grosbeak in the trees near the top of the bluff-they had likely been visiting feeders just a few blocks over from where I live. I also found a Black Phoebe on the other side of the river from the Riverwalk about a mile east of the Sell's Lake trailhead and think I heard a second Black Phoebe calling in that area. Can't be sure if this is a different Black Phoebe than the one I found a few hundred feet east of the 9th Street bridge just over a week ago especially since I refound a Black Phoebe in that area Friday evening.
Friday evening as I sat on my deck I heard the distinctive calls of Franklin's Gulls--I spotted a flock of about 50 including those in this pic flying around on the south side of Canon City as they moved through during migration. SeEtta


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