WOOD THRUSH, a rarity in Colorado

I found this Wood Thrush this morning skulking high up instead of low down as they are known to do. It was in a medium sized deciduous tree in the Lakeside Cemetery in Canon City, Colorado-far from it's usual haunts several hundred miles from Colorado. It was not cooperative in letting me see it's field marks as it stayed above me and I was never able to see it's upperparts except for quick views of it's rusty-brown head when it would look down at me when it heard my camera click. In fact when I first spotted it, and it spotted me looking at it, it moved away from my view and worked it's way around the tree so I lost it for about 5 minutes.

After searching nearby trees finally spotted it perched, still, on a branch 20 feet up inside the tree. I was able to see it's white eyering, white (not buffy) underparts with distinct blackish spots from neck to belly and short tail plus rusty-brown head distinguishing it from other thrush species. SeEtta


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