Flooded Colorado birding hotspot-Holcim Wetlands

After some unprecedented amounts of rain at my house in Canon City (approx 5 inches in 36 hours) I drove out to Holcim Wetlands to see how it was fairing. It was clear from the road, as shown it top photo, that the trail entrance that goes under the RR bridge was flooded as was Hardscrabble Creek that caused the trail to be underwater. I ran into a Holcim employee in the parking lot and accompanied him via an alternate route to check on damage to the wetland and trail area from flooding.
The photo just above shows a more close-up view of the very flooded Hardscrabble Creek and now under a foot of water trail entrance. It will be awhile before the water is gone and the mud that will remain dries to allow entry.

The third photo shows the wetland pond area that is almost to bankful due to flooding.
We found that the Arkansas River, which runs adjacent to the wetlands, had flooded through the trail in several locations on both the west and north sides causing extensive damage to the trail. Even Hardscrabble Creek had overflowed onto the trail on the east side of the wetlands and even pushed it's water into the wetlands under the trail. SeEtta


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