Young Black Phoebes in Canon City

Last evening I was surprised to find a Black Phoebe parent bird with at least 2 fledglings in tow across the Arkansas River from the Canon City Riverwalk. I had checked the usual nesting site in this area earlier this year but apparently they had a late nesting and I didn't re-check.

I returned at mid-morning after my class and refound the family not far from where I had last seen them last evening. The top two photos are of one of the fledglings and they clearly show the rusty edges of their wing feathers. The second photo also shows the yellow bill flanges found on young Black Phoebes. I'm pretty happy with the top two photos as the birds were on the other side of the Arkansas River.

The bottom pic is of an apparent juvenile Black Phoebe that recently gained it's independence. I found it very near where the parent and fledgling birds were located and I followed it a few hundred yards upstream as it apparently began making it's own way.  SeEtta


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