Thick-billed Kingbird-a lifer I found today in Patagonia, AZ area

I had hoped to get to see a Thick-billed Kingbird when I traveled to the Patagonia, AZ area today but it had not been reported since last week at the famous 'Patagonia Roadside Rest' where it had most recently been observed. I tried that location this morning on my way to Patagonia Lake State Park (where I went to see the Blue-footed Booby and did) but no luck. This afternoon I decided to check the Blue Haven Road, that runs from Paton's through the Nature Conservancy's Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve, for Zone-tailed Hawk. I did looked south of the Preserve where Thick-billed Kingbirds have been found but no luck.

Then when I was looking for a Gray Hawk I heard north of the Preserve on that road I heard a repeated call I did not know so I stopped to check it out--it was a call of this Thick-billed Kingbird. Then a second Thick-billed Kingbird began calling also but I did not locate it visually. It appears that this is a first fall bird due to the yellowish on it's belly. About 15 minutes after I found this bird and the second one calling nearby I spotted a third Thick-billed Kingbird about a mile south on the road. Finding 3 of this lifer-bird was special but even more so because I found them myself and at least 2 were not where they have been reported. SeEtta


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