Plumbeous Vireo: true close-up shots

While birding in Red Canyon Park, which is about 10 miles north of Canon City, yesterday I had the good luck to be where a mixed flock was eating it's way past. There were 2 Plumbeous Vireos, one of which is in these photos, plus at least 2 Juniper Titmouse, and several Chipping Sparrows (or maybe just moving through in their own small flock at the same time as the others). I was just inside the branches of a pinyon pine tree when I got the photo above as the Plumbeous Vireo foraged less than 2 1/2 feet from my head. Also foraging a few feet away was a Juniper Titmouse--what a fun experience that was for the minute or so it lasted to be ignored like a limb on the tree.

As can be seen, this vireo has apparently lost most of it's tail feathers-possibly to a predator. It certainly made the vireo look a little unusual but didn't keep it from singing it's distinctive song. SeEtta


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