2 Northern Waterthrush in Canon City

Yesterday I got in a half hour of very productive birding at the McKenzie end of the Canon City Riverwalk before I had to drive to Pueblo to chair a water planning meeting (if I wasn't the chair and about 40 attending I would have cancelled to enjoy the big push of migrating birds!). The first uncommon bird I found was a White-throated Sparrow but didn't get a photo. Then I found the Northern Waterthrush in the photo in the messy vegetation near where I saw the White-throat.

Today I didn't get much birding in either but due to rain most of the day. It stopped raining late this afternoon so I found the Northern Waterthrush in the lower pic more than 2 miles west of where I saw the other Waterthrush, near the Sell's Lake parking area for the Canon City Riverwalk--at 6 pm. SeEtta


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