A late(?) overwintering immature Harris's Sparrow

Also in the fairly unusual species to visit the Canon City area are immature Harris's Sparrows that usually visit in the winter. I found this one in a friend's yard and it was not cooperative about being viewed or photographed so stayed in the middle tree branches (can't blame it as unfortunately there are a number of outdoor cats there and my complaints have fallen on deaf ears about the carnage of native birds by these domestic cats). The pink conical bill that is found on this species is clearly seen as is part of it's limited black bib and black flecking on it's face and crown. The buffy base color of it's face shows but is washed out some by the backlighting. It also shows the white belly and brownish flank streaking found on immatures.

I had an immature Harris's Sparrow about a quarter mile away this winter so this is possibly the same bird. However it was located at a house with bird feeders then and this location has no feeders. SeEtta


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