Saturday, July 2, 2011

Western Screech Owl fledgling: video clip

I brought local birder Jan Swarm out with me last night to see if I could again refind the family of recently fledged Western Screech Owls. I was successful (have found every night but didn't get home from out of town in time to look Thurs night) and we were delighted to see them beginning at 8:45 pm when there was a little light to see them well. But I was surprised when we found 5 owls as I previously had seen only 2 fledglings and an adult. They gave us quite a show as they flew back and forth from tree to tree nearby before flying further away--then we found them again when we went back to our cars as they were in the trees adjacent to where we parked. Though this is a little dark (they really don't like my spot light and I don't like using it on them) but the fledgling is right in the middle of the screen. It emits the soft calls that I have previously heard used by this species when they have young, a gentle intra-family calling. SeEtta