Glossy Ibises

When I returned late this afternoon from an out of town meeting I drove through the agricultural fields on the edge of the small town of Florence,CO where I was rewarded with a flock of over a hundred Plegadis ibis. Many were foraging in this ag field that apparently had recently been flooded and others were napping. I watched a flurry of activity when one found some large juicy something in the field as several others tried to grab it.
I spotted 2-3 Glossy Ibis in this flock. The top pic shows one with pretty blue lines framing it's face, a dark iris and darker blue-green gloss to plumage (I did not lighten or otherwise edit pic other than crop it to maintain integrity of colors). The bird in the foreground of the bottom pic is the same as the one in the top pic. The bird behind it, I believe an immature from the crown feathering, appears to also have blue facial lines and a dark eye. (This can be seen a little better by double-clicking on the pic and then clicking it again to super enlarge it) Additionally there was a third ibis that was napping with much of it's head tucked in but with visible blue facial lines. SeEtta


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