Long-billed Curlew family in a short video clip

This is the male and female Long-billed Curlews foraging with their chick in short-grass prairie of northern Otero County, Colorado. At the beginning the chick is on the left of the video and the female on the right. The chick does a little hop and wing-flap--not sure if just practicing or if it ran across a snake or other critter that startled it. The size difference is quite clear between the chick and the parent birds. The female and the chick forage near each other for a bit then the male moves in from the far left--so the final video pic shows the male on the left, the female in the middle and the chick on the right. Note--to see a little larger screen just double click on this video screen and it will take you to the Youtube location for little better viewing. SeEtta


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