Black-throated Sparrows refound but not singing

This morning I looked and listened at the location I have seen the Black-throated Sparrows for an hour to no avail. As I started to leave, I spotted two sparrows several hundred yards further east and they were Black-throated Sparrows. I subsequently saw at least 5, of which two were adults and at least 2 were in juvenal plumage, and possibly 6 Black-throated Sparrows at this new location. I have updated the google map to show the new location (link in post below). The top pic is of an adult bird in flight showing it's brownish back and wings nicely.
The other two pics are of a bird in juvenal plumage (both of the bird) showing it's brownish back with coverts and tertials edged in buffy brownish as described in Sparrows of the United States and Canada by Beadle and Rising. SeEtta


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