Great Blue Herons engaged in breeding

Though I have continued taking some good bird pics, I have wanted to move to a higher level with a high quality and longer telephoto zoom. I finally took the big step and my new Canon EF400mm 5.6 USM lens arrived today. I had to go try some bird pics so I drove to a herony where I have been frustrated as I hadn't been able to get very good pics because I won't risk disturbing these nesting birds by going too close even though I stay in my car to reduce disruption. So I took several pics of a small group of Great Blue Herons that were either on the nest or still building nests. Then I stopped to watch and give them a break from the noise that the electronics in digital cameras make. I was closely watching a pair that were standing very close together in their partially built nest. Then one of the herons mounted the other to engage in breeding.
I had my camera with the new lens still leaning on my window so I was able to quickly shoot a number of pics of them as they copulated. These pics start with the male mounting the female then several pics during copulation which only lasted about 20 seconds. Read here about bird copulatory behavior. Several of these pics enlarge nicely so try double-clicking on them. SeEtta


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