Very young Black Phoebe fledgling

This very short tailed bird behind vegetation, and with it's back to us, is a very recently fledged Black Phoebe. Note there is some vegetation in front of it's face but it's eye is visible in the photo though it may have to be clicked on to enlarge it for closer view. Sorry, but it was more important to not disturb this very young bird, than to get a good photo of it. I found it today while showing some friends from Colorado Springs (Jeanie, Mary Ellen, Lynne and Jackie) around Florence River Park. I have followed a number of Black Phoebe families in this area and from the very short tail it is likely fledged within the last day or two. The parent bird left it under overhanging vegetation over the Arkansas River to keep it out of sight and safe while the parent bird foraged for food for this and likely other fledglings nearby (an adult Black Phoebe was seen nearby but other possible fledglings were likely hidden from view by the vegetation). All of us got to see this fledgling without disturbing it--that, to me, is success. SeEtta


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