Friday, June 28, 2013

Recording of Dickcissel singing in Canon City (and comparison with Prowers County recording)

I recorded the Dickcissel shown in the photos below and finally got it uploaded to Xeno-canto. Below is the player along with a sonogram of that recording. And here is a recording made by Colorado birder Nathan Pieplow in Prowers County in a location about 175 miles east of Canon City. The song types that this Dickcissel sings are different from the one I recorded in Canon City. It has been my experience that the Dickcissels in Canon City most commonly sing a song like the one I recorded above and that Dickcissels I have listened to in far eastern Colorado including Prowers County sing different songs than the birds that come to Canon City. That is the reason I have wanted to record a Canon City Dickcissel to show the differences in the sonograms and to hear the differences in the recordings. SeEtta